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Welcome to City Physio

WE HAVE MOVED! Same building, just back of the foodcourt!

City Physio Sydney has been providing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Martin Place in the MLC Centre for over 40 years. Our team are expertly trained in providing detailed full-body assessments and delivering personalised treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, headaches, jaw, neck and back pain.

City Physio’s goal is to find the source of the problem

Reduce your pain and get your back to what you like doing – faster! We pride ourselves on treating each and every patient with care, compassion and attention to detail and providing you a comprehensive set of tools to not only sort the current issue, but prevent it from recurring!.

    Meet The Physiotherapists

    Nicola Michell

    Principal Physiotherapist

    Nicola is gifted in treating stubborn headaches and managing neck and jaw pain. Her sharp eyes quickly determine biomechanical and postural contributions to injuries to speed up rehabilitation recovery times.

    Matt Hagerty

    Titled APA Sports + Exercise Physiotherapist, Clinical Team Lead

    Matt has a special interest in the diagnosis and management of acute sports injuries and complex back and shoulder pain. He has an exceptional ability to devise specific rehab plans to both treat and prevent future injury.

    Claudia Lee

    Senior Physiotherapist

    Claudia has a functional approach to her treatments, as such she loves to prevent injury as much as she loves treating. Pain during pregnancy, F45 or running are right up her alley with low back and lower limb (hip, knee, ankle) injuries being are her favourites!

    Elizabeth Arruzza


    Elizabeth is our resident guru for all things rib, back and hips! With a background in Exercise and Sport Science and a penchant for biomechanics, she will quickly assess your movement, find your dysfunctions and get you back to the gym, desk or sporting field better and stronger than before!

    Yvonne Yeo

    Pilates Instructor

    Yvonne has the most amazing attention to detail and intuition that every class hits just the right spot! With over a decade in studio and group class work she can get you sweating in a group reformer glass, zone in on those stabilising muscles in small group equipment, whether you're a Pilates veteran or novice, rehabbing an injury or prepping for a marathon, Yvonne has you covered!